Tips & Advice

Here’s our ‘top ten + 2’ list for a successful digital story project:

1. Keep it short, keep it simple

2. Use a tool that you feel comfortable with, not intimidated by

3. Know the steps and be ready for obstacles; the process is invaluable despite the obstacles/problems

4. Be ready to let go of ‘control’; Ss will be at different stages at different times; this type of project work is not for control freaks

5. It is a LOT of work – you are supporting individual Ss where they are at

6. Don’t rush the story creation stage; learners will want to get right to choosing the graphics and the music, but a carefully facilitated process will result in higher quality digital stories

7. Get help from colleagues and people willing to volunteer during the digital story creation stage. One instructor cannot support an entire class of learners making individual stories! Ask your computer-savvy students to assist you and other students.

8. Ensure you have backup plans: what will learners do if they finish before everyone else? What will we do if all of our equipment isn’t working as it should? What will we do if students miss classes and fall behind on their digital story?

9. If you feel that getting learners to create individual stories is too overwhelming, start with group stories. The members of a group can support each other through the process. Once they have gone through this process, it will be easier for them to create individual stories.

10. Tell your students to save frequently in order to avoid losing valuable work.

11. When students sign up for their accounts (Voicethread,…), remind them to copy their email addresses and passwords , so there is no confusion when they sign in in the future.

12. Remember that you don’t have to be technology-savvy in order to embark on a digital storytelling adventure. Be willing to try, make mistakes, ask for help, and learn.

As you embark on your own digital storytelling adventure, please add your tips by leaving a comment below. Thanks!


Click here to read the questions that workshop participants had and our answers to them.


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